theHorse: Housing Stallions With Other Horses

Hesketh, Jerome; A Grey Stallion and an Attendant; National Trust, Lyme Park; discusses best practices for housing stallions, and new research addressing the question.

In their article “Humane Housing Options for Stallions,” they address the issues with the tradition of housing stallions alone.

“Housing stallions has, traditionally, not been very welfare-friendly,” said Silvana Popescu, PhD… “These deprivations [associated with being denied access to a social life with other horses] can have serious consequences on the horse‚Äôs mental, physical, and emotional states.”

The article continues with suggestions, from small changes to large, to safely give stallions more opportunities for social interactions.

In “Safe and Sensible Stallion Housing,” reports on studies that show how stallions can benefit from increased contact with other stallions, including increased fertility.

Can Stallions Live With Other Horses? Short podcast excerpt

Humane Housing Options for Stallions

Safe and Sensible Stallion Housing PDF

Image: Stallion Painting by Jerome Hesketh, 1647
National Trust, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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