HorseMagazine: Tribute to Diamant de Sémilly

Diamant de Sémilly at Jerez in 2002 photo

“The great stallion is dead but he has changed the shape of jumping breeding and even managed to open up the once closed Holstein studbook…. We look at his bloodlines, career and legacy…”

—from the new article on

Diamant de Sémilly was a super-stallion: a successful competitor and an extraordinary sire. His story is especially poignant because he was orphaned as a foal and was nearly put to sleep by his breeder. He went on to become World Champion, and to sire champions.

“On the 2015 WBFSH standings, Diamant de Sémilly was in first place with 92 international competitors…. In April 2020, he is listed on the Hippomundo database with eight 1.65 competitors from a wide variety of mares and bloodlines. … He is also credited with 165 competitors at the 1.60 level.”

In his new article on, Christopher Hector provides a beautiful and lengthy tribute to the stallion that’s worth reading. Click here.

You’ll find a grandson of Diamant de Sémilly on, as well as a half-brother. Click each entry for more information.

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