Calm, Cool, & Collected

The story of Cabulous WH, a talented bay Oldenburg stallion,
proving his pedigree in the hunter ring and breeding shed.

Cabulous WH
2017 Oldenburg Stallion
Cabalito – Sea Accounts xx – Fatalist B

Breeder: Cyndi DeBracy
Owner: Anne Hedge & Macy White
Standing at Whitehedge Farm, Aubrey, TX

PC: Stacey Lynn Photography

From the editor: I had the fortunate opportunity to meet this special stallion at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show in Houston, TX earlier this year. When you first meet “Eddie”, you are immediately impressed with his charming and calm demeanor, despite the excitement of the fairgrounds and the numerous mares in the presence of this young stallion. At just six years of age, Eddie exudes confidence and a level-headedness not often seen in stallions his age. That character flows through to the competition ring, where he handily competes with his rider/trainer Macy White, securing top placements in tough classes. There is nothing like getting to witness and experience a stallion first hand, to truly know who he is and fully contemplate how he might complement your mare. I highly encourage taking that opportunity every chance you get!

Enjoy learning more about Eddie through his Stallion Story below, and don’t be shy about reaching out to his people at Whitehedge Farm to inquire for your 2023 breeding contract!

How it all began…

Eddie as a foal at his dam’s side.

Eddie was born in 2017 (bred by Cyndi DeBracy), the son of the legendary hunter stallion Cabalito (who is now retired at 26 years of age at Whitehedge Farm). At four-years-old, Eddie arrived at Whitehedge Farm in Aubrey, TX, for evaluation as a sales horse. Macy White and her mother Anne Hedge operate Whitehedge Farm, LLC as a training, sales, and breeding operation, standing Cabalito (Cordoba – Aderlass – Dominik) and competing nationally in the hunter circuits with their clients and breeding stock.

Ultimately, Eddie was never sold to an external party. After falling in love with Eddie and confirming his apparent talent as a young horse, Anne purchased Eddie for Macy for her seventeenth birthday. From then one, Macy was Eddie’s primary rider and trainer. Macy reflects on this discovery process: “My mom was the one that decided Eddie was a keeper when she thought he may have potential as a breeding stallion and was able to buy him for us to try and develop through his licensing and stallion testing. We still weren’t all the way sure but he just kept getting better and better!

Eddie’s dam, Synsation, is out of one of Cyndi DeBracy’s foundation Thoroughbred mares. Synsation is by the highly impactful Thoroughbred stallion, Sea Accounts xx, who was approved with every major warmblood registry in North America. Not unsurprisingly, Eddie inherited “a really exceptional temperament from both his sire and dam side”, remarks Macy about Eddie’s handleability, rideability, and overall character.

Eddie’s first ride under saddle, with Macy White

The Makings of a Legacy – Horse & Human

At the time, Anne and Macy had not been looking for a stallion prospect since they were still standing Eddie’s sire Cabalito. Their experience with campaigning a breeding stallion ran deep. Anne got her start with Cabalito when he was a three-year-old. She developed him throughout his career as he became the cornerstone of Whitehedge Farm. Cabalito was immensely popular as a breeding stallion. He was loved for both his personal qualities in competition, as well as the reflective qualities of his offspring across the country.

Eddie presented Anne and Macy with a unique mother-daughter experience whereby Macy could take up the reins with Cabalito’s legacy in Eddie, and follow in her mother’s stride in developing the next generation of top hunter stallion for North American breeders and competitors.

Eddie’s Start as Stallion Prospect

Macy’s start with Eddie was from the very foundation of his training. Macy says, “I was the first person to do any training on Eddie. He was basically unhandled when we got him. He had never been in a stall or trailer. He had been living out in a pasture with five other stallions. He was always super sweet but just didn’t know anything yet. So basically I did everything with him: taught him to lunge, wear tack and I started him under saddle myself.  The first few times I got on him was bareback, as I like to do with lots of my young horses. I continued training him the next couple years including through his Oldenburg licensing and and at his North American Stallion Sport Test, which he passed with excellent scores.

Eddie passed his Oldenburg Verband licensing inspection with strong scores, highlighted with a 9 for walk and many 8s including both free jumping scores. Eddie is also licensed Westphalian. Eddie participated in the North American Stallion Sport Tests two years in a row, 2021 and 2022. At both tests, he passed with flying colors earning 8s for canter, rideability, and overall impression. More remarkably were his scores given that he was trained and shown exclusively by a junior rider leading up to and in the tests.

Early Success in the Hunter Ring

Eddie & Macy at Pin Oak Charity Horse Show 2023
PC: Andrew Ryback Photography
Pin Oak Charity Horse Show
Champion & Reserve Champion

Macy is Eddie’s only rider. She rides him four to five days a week when not showing. Macy says, “He is lots of fun to take to horse shows because he is very well mannered and very quiet and easy to prepare for his classes. He really has a perfect temperament for a classic hunter. We have won or placed very high already in some big classes, including a win in a USHJA National Hunter Derby, which was also his first derby ever to compete in!

Eddie is a natural showman. His strongest character traits stay true to form at busy showgrounds and congested warm up rings. Despite his young age, he keeps his focus on Macy and the task at hand, which has allowed the two to achieve early success in large, notable hunter competitions, including Champion at the Pin Oak Charity Horse show in the young hunters in 2023. “Eddie started the season in the 3′ Green Hunters with several class wins and was second in the $25,000 Tier 2 Texas Super Series Green Finals with Macy. Together, they won a USHJA National Hunter Derby out of over 30 horses, and they continue to show in the 3’3 Young hunters and 3’3 Greens. Macy says, “He shows all the scope and talent to end up in the big derby ring.

Macy has this to say about Eddie’s feelings towards showing: “He loves to show and loves to hang out at the ring. He would do so patiently all day if we had to! He always has a good expression and never have seen him pin his ears or be grumpy to another horse at a show. He thinks everyone (horses and human) is there to be his friend.

Eddie – the “Labrador” under that shiny bay coat.

Macy says Eddie’s best qualities are “definitely his character and temperament. He is really like a big labrador. He would love to come in your house and hang out on the couch with you“. At home, Eddie is quiet and polite. He rarely talks and gets turned out every day next to three of Whitehedge Farm’s lesson pony geldings. Eddie plays with the boys over the fence all day, particularly with his favorite Chincoteague pony, Tex.

Outside of the living realm, Eddie’s best friend is a stuffed animal! Merle the Moose travels with Eddie everywhere. He also loves his Magnawave/PEMF machine that travels with him to shows for consistent treatment to keep his body feeling healthy and relaxed.

In the Breeding Shed

Eddie is proving himself a natural in the breeding shed. His semen quality is excellent and his conception rate is high. As a young stallion, his first foal crop arrived in 2022, all premium foals exhibiting gorgeous type and correct conformation.

Anne and Macy agree, “Eddie has the absolute best rideability and temperament you could ask for in a young stallion, and has all the necessary qualities to become an important sire like his father.

Cabulous WH is available to approved outside mares for cooled shipped semen during his spring collection season and frozen is available year round. Click here to learn more and inquire for your 2023 breeding contract. This year, Eddie is also available fresh, per dose $500 + shipping (no LFG).

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