Stallion Story: Louisville HTF

Louisville HTF
Lord Leatherdale – Negro – Fruhling
2017 16.2hh Hanoverian Stallion
Bred and owned by Hilltop Farm, Inc.

Stellar Beginnings

Louisville HTF
2017 DaD Foal Champion
PC: Stacy Lynne Photography

Louisville HTF, affectionately known as “Louis” to those who have the privilege of interacting with him daily, is an up-and-coming young stallion by the world-renowned sire Lord Leatherdale. Out of the top producing Grand Prix mare Unicom-D (aka Uforia) and by the legendary performance and breeding stallion Lord Leatherdale, Louis carries forward a pedigree packed with some of the biggest names in sport and breeding, while also boasting an impressive performance resume of his own.

Louis started his career as the 2017 Dressage at Devon Foal Champion. Then, in 2021, Louis was the second overall in the North American Stallion Sport Test (NASST), earning scores of 9 for his canter and rideability, and an 8.5 for his trot. The following year, he completed the NASST in third place, with top scores for trot, canter, and rideability, yet again. Louis continued to add to his accolades with a median score over 74% in 2022, which culminated in Reserve Champion USDF All-Breeds at First Level and Reserve Champion at the USDF Region 1 Finals. He then started his 2nd Level debut with an impressive 73.6% in his first class.

Most recently, Louis made his USDF 3rd Level debut, winning his classes with scores 70%+! Louis ended this year’s show season with a median score of 71.5% at 3rd Level, which places him 1st for USDF All-Breeds and 7th in the country overall.

Around the Barn

Beyond the show arena, Louis is a solid citizen in the barn and a quick friend to visitors. As a truly fortunate foal to have his start at the beautiful Hilltop Farm grounds, Louis was an instant favorite. His particularly fluffy ears and eager expression attracted attention from handlers and visitors, both of which are lovable traits commonly passed to his offspring. Hilltop identified Louis early on as a stallion prospect. Like all colts, he was re-evaluated on a regular basis throughout his early years before the decision was made to produce him as a stallion. He was then presented to multiple registries at age three, where he began his career as a true stallion prospect.

Brittany Testa, Hilltop Farm Breeding Manager, enjoys Louis’s naturally amicable demeanor, stating Louis “isn’t too fussy about who he is next to” in the barn. He enjoys playing with his ball and helping with stall chores. If you follow Hilltop Farm’s TikTok, you’ll know that Louis makes a regular celebrity appearance on their page, demonstrating his helpfulness in resetting his stall and his aptitude for playing “catch” with his ball.

Louis’s early career success has earned him a couple journeys across the country to train and show with the “big boys” in Florida for the winter season, as well as compete at regional and national events. For a six-year-old stallion, Louis is a comfortable traveler and a naturally focused competitor, not inconsistent with his renowned temperament and willingness to connect with his handlers and trainers.

A Bright Future Ahead

Louisville HTF
2022 NA Stallion Sport Test
PC: Stacy Lynne Photography

Brittany has this to say about Hilltop Team’s decision to develop Louis as a performance and breeding stallion:

“I don’t think there is every one specific moment in deciding on a keeper.  There’s always a lot of hope with a prospect, but then we keep looking at different milestones to keep re-evaluating.  That even includes seeing the first foal crops, seeing how he trains up the levels, etc.  And for the stallions, it has to be also how they handle the dual-demands of breeding and showing.  Can they handle both without too much stress?  Are we seeing them improve across a wide-variety of mares, etc.

Safe to say, Louis has comfortably risen to those high standards, with major performance accolades and highly accomplished foal crops in his first years as a breeding stallion. Lots more to come from this talented and high-performing young stallion! Brittany states “It is easy for us to picture Louis reaching Grand Prix, a goal we hold for this stallion and all others to excel in sport as well as breeding.” Stay tuned to Hilltop Farm’s social media pages for the most up-to-date news about Louisville HTF as he progresses through his performance career, and don’t miss your opportunity to meet him at home or show events!

Offspring Results

Louis’s offspring are making a big splash in his first couple foal crops! In just three years of active breeding, Louis is proving to stamp his offspring with expressive gaits, exemplary type, and a truly social, outgoing personality. Here are just a few recent offspring achievements and accolades.

2023 Results:

Talladega GS
2023 Louisville HTF x Don Deluxe
PC: Jaimie Grevengoed
  • Leonard Cohen (ds. Belissimo M); owner/breeder: Allison Kavey
    Elite Foal with the GOV & Stallion Prospect
  • Lexington (ds. Caprimond); owner/breeder: Leonard & Patricia Foley
    Premium Filly & High Score Filly of ISR/Oldenburg Inspection
  • Legitimate (ds. Rousseau); owner/breeder: Jennifer Hoffman
    Elite Foal with the GOV
  • Talladega GS (ds. Don Deluxe); breeder: Jaimie Grevengoed
    1st Premium with KWPN & Res. High Score Dressage foal of Keuring
  • Lord Lexington SDSF (ds. Qredit); owner/breeder: Lynn & Nat Masin
    USDF Southern Series Current Year Foal Final – 4th place
  • Lord Louie SDSF (ds. Qredit); owner: Carrie Leach, breeder: Lynn & Nat Masin
    USDF Southern Series Colt Final – 6th place
  • London HTF (ds. Anhaltiner); owner: Laura Cannillo; breeder: Hilltop Farm, Inc.
    USDF East Coast Series Filly Championship – 8th place
  • Exquisite KC (ds. Riverman); breeder: Irena Coz
    Overall 8.0 at ISR/Oldenburg Inspection – score of 8.4 for gaits

2022 Results:

2023 Louisville HTF x Rousseau
PC: Richard Malmgren
  • Line Dance (ds. Alabaster); breeder: Julie Hagen
    Gold Medal Foal with AHS
  • Liberated (ds. Rousseau); breeder: Jennifer Hoffman
    Premium foal with GOV
  • Langston Smoke (ds. Totilas); owner/breeder: Cricket Harvey
    Elite Foal & Site Champion of GOV Inspection
  • Lord Louie SDSF (ds. Qredit); owner: Carrie Leach, breeder: Lynn & Nat Masin
    USDF Southern Series Colt Final – 3rd place, USDF Horse of the Year Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Yearling Colts & Geldings Rankings – 7th place

2021 Results:

Lord Louie SDSF
2021 Louisville HTF x Qredit Hilltop
PC: Patricia Ernesto
  • Lord Louie SDSF (ds. Qredit); owner: Carrie Leach, breeder: Lynn & Nat Masin
    USDF Southern Series Current Year Foal Final – Champion, USDF Horse of the Year Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Current Year Colt Rankings – Reserve Champion
  • Bolivia (ds. Bugatti); owner/breeder: Sheila O’Keefe
    Premium Filly with ISR/Oldenburg
  • Lucky Pick BHR (ds. Pikko del Cerro); owner: Erin Bell Altman
    Top Colt of AHS Inspection
  • Larkin (ds. Quite Easy); owner/breeder: Suellen Myers
    Premium Filly with ISR/Oldenburg
  • Lindsey WW (ds. Landfriese II); owner/breeder: Rose Flanery
    Premium Foal with Westfalen NA
  • Lovegood 336 (ds. Pablo); owner/breeder: Jessica Bortner-Harris
    Gold Medal Foal & Top Colt of AHS Inspection
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