2024 American Hanoverian Society Stallion Service Auction

Welcome to the 2024 North American breeding season, and we kick it off with the American Hanoverian Society’s annual Stallion Service Auction!

Stallion owners graciously donate breedings to their stallions to support the registry and the mare owners in North America. For stallions and stallion owners, this is an unbeatable opportunity to provide visibility to a broader community of mare owners! Funds raised through the SSAs go towards supporting important registry objectives such as education, breeder support, inspection tours, and other registry demands.

Over the past couple years, these SSAs are utilizing online auction formats that are simple, easy, and intuitive to navigate and place your bids. Payments are all made effortless through these online auction platforms, and all the information you need to know about each participating stallion is right there at your fingertips! When the auction ends, the registry connects each auction winner with the stallion owners to facilitate the contract exchange.

Purchasing a breeding contract through a Stallion Service Auction offers a myriad of benefits for both breeders and mare owners. Here are some compelling advantages:

  1. Convenient Access to Top Stallions:
    • Stallion Service Auctions showcase some of the most influential and successful stallions in the industry, as well as exciting young up-and-comers. Purchasing a breeding contract through these auctions provides access to bloodlines that are proven to produce exceptional offspring, while supporting critical registry functions that provide the means to ensure longevity of the breed and critical support for all stakeholders.
  2. Advantaged Pricing Options:
    • Stallion Service Auctions provide a unique opportunity for breeders to obtain breeding services at potentially advantaged rates. Bidders have the chance to secure a breeding contract for a choice stallion, often at a reduced price. Who can argue against that in today’s market conditions?
  3. Networking Opportunities:
    • Participating in Stallion Service Auctions allows breeders and mare owners to network with industry professionals, fellow enthusiasts, and the owners of the showcased stallions. Building connections and awareness within the equestrian community can lead to valuable new relationships, shared insights, and future collaborative opportunities.
  4. Community Engagement:
    • Purchasing a breeding contract through a Stallion Service Auction is not just a transaction; it is a dynamic and engaging experience. The excitement of bidding, the anticipation of securing your choice stallion, and the sense of community contribute to a vibrant atmosphere that fosters a shared passion for the registry, breeds, and sporthorse breeding industry. PLUS, you’ll get to know a few of the registry volunteers who work hard to grease the wheels, and you just might find an opportunity to join these support groups yourself!

Every year, the AHS SSA shines bright with an impressive list of choices for the discerning mare owners seeking the right match for their mare. The 2024 American Hanoverian Society SSA lineup does not disappoint!

With 36 listings (and growing), there is certain to be a special stallion for every mare in this auction, including some very exciting “choice of” options from top stallion stations in North America.

See below for the complete list and links to get you started!

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