Don Quichot Offspring Gallery 2022

Enjoy this gallery of a few of Don Quichot’s 2022 offspring!

Gallery photos by Andras Szieberth, Andrea Hayden, Juli Warfel Bitler, Stephan Wagner.

Don Quichot (Quite Easy x Ramiro) is an International dressage stallion with world-class jumping talent and bloodlines. He stands at LotusTeam in Wellborn, Florida, and is available fresh and frozen for the 2022 breeding season.

For more, including photos of adult offspring in competition, and breeding information, click below.

Don Quichot

World Class GP dressage stallion with World Class jumper lines!

Lotus Team Special Offer for Breeders


Long Island T

LotusTeam stands the three world-class Holsteiner stallions:

  • Long Island T (Lotus T x Calato x Carneval x Lord)
  • Don Quichot (Quite Easy x Ramiro x Alme)
  • Catiago (Cambridge x Carthago x Leonardo I)

Located in Wellborn, Florida, Andras Szieberth, of LotusTeam, has been in the horse breeding, raising, and competing business for over 30 years. His breeding philosophy:

“LotusTeam is dedicated to producing exceptional athletes with unparalleled ride-ability, temperament and a commitment to sharing our knowledge base and resources with our clients. From practical advice on starting a breeding program to purchasing breeding stock to selecting stallions to help during the breeding/rearing/inspection process, LotusTeam is there to help.”

—Andras Szieberth

Special Offer:

LotusTeam is introducing a new and revolutionary Small Breeder Support Program:

After one fully paid breeding – 50% off all stud fees to LotusTeam stallions (Long Island T, Don Quichot, or Contiago).

Membership starts after you purchase one full price breeding to a LotusTeam stallion ($1500). All additional breedings will be at 1/2 price ($750) for life!

If you have bred to Holsteiner Stallion Lotus T or any other stallion in the past, you are automatically a member and eligible for a discount. Just send a message with a picture and pedigree of the horse you bred!

You will also receive free expert advise on breeding, foaling, registration, inspection and young horse management/training matters. DISCOUNTS on LotusTeam’s young horse training/sales program.

For more information:
Call/Text 386-965-4621
LotusTeam: Located in Wellborn, Florida

Long Island T

Bringing movement, jump, temperament – and LEGS!

Don Quichot

World class GP dressage stallion with World class jumper lines!


Superb athleticism, jump – and temperament!