W.Charlot USEF Leading Hunter Breeder 2021 – Again


Cabardino, siring successful Hunter offspring

W.Charlot Farms is proud to announce that they have once again been named USEF Leading Breeder in the Hunter category for 2021. Augustin Walch, founder of W.Charlot Farms, has been breeding for over fifty years, and has been honored with this award multiple times. From 2007 through 2021 he has been #1 in Hunters every year except 2014 and 2015, when he was 4th and 2nd, respectively.

Over the years, several stallions owned by W.Charlot Farm have contributed to their breeding awards, but their hunter sire par excellence is Cabardino. According to Inge Walch-Allard of W.Charlot, “Cabardino is known to produce quality offspring, which show very successfully in the hunter division.”

By Cabardino: Caballero – Hunter Champion – as 3 year old.

Cabardino himself was leading sire of hunters in 2017 and 2018.  In 2019 he was 2nd, in 2020 he was 5th, and in 2021 he was third.

“He is a modern type stallion with great gaits and an exceptional jump and scope. Not only does he stamp his offspring with a wonderful temperament and willingness to please, but they are also very flashy and will surely catch the judge’s eye.”

Cabardino is now in his early twenties, and still going strong. “Even at his ripe age he continues to surprise us with his exceptional semen. We couldn’t be more proud.

“We are looking forward to serving our clients for another successful breeding season.”

About W.Charlot Farms

W.Charlot Farms is located in Stratford, Ontario. The breeding program was founded by Augustin Walch, who has been breeding horses for over 50 years , first in his native Germany, and for over 35 years in North America. Augustin has carefully selected his stallions over the years and he believes in keeping the best mares for his breeding program.

His goal has always been to breed an attractive looking, athletic horse with good gaits,  lots of scope, a great technique over jumps and a wonderful working attitude that allows the owner / rider to develop the horse in more than one discipline.

Owned by Inge Walch-Allard, daughter of Augustin and Christine Walch, W.Charlot Farms is now a second-generation North American horse breeding business.

More Information about Cabardino

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