2024 Westfalen Verband NA Stallion Service Auction

With more than 80 stallions to choose from, the Westfalen Stallion Service Auction is open for bidding February 29th through March 10th. The auction is always user-friendly and easy to navigate, offering full pedigrees, photos, and videos, and it is the last registry Stallion Service Auction of the season, with the greatest selection and variety of stallions on offer anywhere! Find the complete list of participating stallions (with links) below!

“We love our stallions, stallion stations, breeders and owners and think it’s time to give a giant shout-out to the quality of sporthorse breeding, and the superb variety of genetic options, available right here in North America! 

Westfalen Verband NA has always supported North American breeding and we think North American based stallions and their owners are vital to our industry.  The Stallion Service Auction is a great opportunity for stallion owners to get the word out about their stallions to a large audience of mare owners. Mare owners appreciate the convenient browsing venue, and the chance to get a great breeding at a great price. We love putting on the celebration and supporting our North American breeders, including a chance to celebrate the top sires of the 2023 Inspection tour!

Besides marketing and networking benefits, the Stallion Service auction proceeds help the registry fund needed and beneficial programs, such as show and series sponsorships and registry official attendance at stallion performance tests and young horse show series.  The auction helps the registry provide a large number and location of inspection sites on tour each year while keeping prices reasonable for breeders. The SSA also pays back to foal owners through the Westfalen SSA Futurity, with awards for both stallion and offspring, for high-scoring foals born from SSA breedings.

Westfalen Verband NA is proud to carry on the tradition of excellence in breeding and hands-on mentorship through an extensive North American inspection tour, and a direct link to German expertise through our US office. We strive to combine the benefits of a US-based organization (customer service, marketing programs customized for N.A. breeders, experienced staff with knowledge of the bloodlines, disciplines and market in North America) with the benefits of a German organization (tradition and experience, solid database, access to top genetics/training, well-proven system, trained professional staffs, and extensive database). 

Our parent organization, the Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch e.V., has been promoting breeding excellence for well over 100 years, helping Westfalen become one of the most successful horse breeds in professional sport. The permanent and strict breeding selection is performed every year and adapts to the challenges in the global equestrian sports and the needs of riders, breeders and horse lovers. During the decades Westfalen has taken great care and pride in the steady development of bloodstock that excels in show jumping, dressage and eventing. Famous stallions such as Pilot, Florestan I, Cornet Obolensky and sons, Rubinstein I, Damon Hill and Escolar and sons are synonymous with international competition and breeding success.

The Westfalen Verband NA inspects Warmblood mares/stallions from other accepted WB breeding organizations, as well as TB’s and Arabians. Westfalen passports are produced in Germany and are WBFSH sanctioned. All foals and horses receiving passports are also DNA typed and microchipped, and all foals registered in their year of birth are issued a complementary USEF lifetime number. Westfalen is proud of their German Riding Pony breeding program, having the largest mare-base of GRP’s and a robust breeding program with outstanding international results.  In Germany, more than 30 different breeds are looked after by the Westfälische Pferdestammbuch, including the endangered breed of draft horses the Rheinisch-Deutsches Kaltblut. In 2022, the very first three stallion prospects of this breed were brought to the US!”

Purchasing a breeding contract through a Stallion Service Auction offers a myriad of benefits for both breeders and mare owners. Here are some compelling advantages:

  1. Convenient Access to Top Stallions:
    • Stallion Service Auctions showcase some of the most influential and successful stallions in the industry, as well as exciting young up-and-comers. Purchasing a breeding contract through these auctions provides access to bloodlines that are proven to produce exceptional offspring, while supporting critical registry functions that provide the means to ensure longevity of the breed and critical support for all stakeholders.
  2. Advantaged Pricing Options:
    • Stallion Service Auctions provide a unique opportunity for breeders to obtain breeding services at potentially advantaged rates. Bidders have the chance to secure a breeding contract for a choice stallion, often at a reduced price. Who can argue against that in today’s market conditions?
  3. Networking Opportunities:
    • Participating in Stallion Service Auctions allows breeders and mare owners to network with industry professionals, fellow enthusiasts, and the owners of the showcased stallions. Building connections and awareness within the equestrian community can lead to valuable new relationships, shared insights, and future collaborative opportunities.
  4. Community Engagement:
    • Purchasing a breeding contract through a Stallion Service Auction is not just a transaction; it is a dynamic and engaging experience. The excitement of bidding, the anticipation of securing your choice stallion, and the sense of community contribute to a vibrant atmosphere that fosters a shared passion for the registry, breeds, and sporthorse breeding industry. PLUS, you’ll get to know a few of the registry volunteers who work hard to grease the wheels, and you just might find an opportunity to join these support groups yourself!
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