North American Stallion Sport Test (NASST)

We at and are firm believers in the future of warmblood sporthorse breeding here on North American soil. We have seen this industry grow leaps and bounds over the last twenty years, with stallion owners bringing in top European bloodlines, and passionate industry leaders establishing notable exhibition opportunities based on internationally acceptable procedures and scoring. The North American Stallion Sport Test exemplifies these efforts, allowing for testing and licensing of North American stallions based on European qualification standards, hosted by professional establishments accommodating geographical dispersion.

Read on for further insight on the tests from test rider Jessica Wisdom, and long-time spectator and mare owner Susanne Manz. Then join the discussion by commenting below!

It should come as no surprise that we are BIG fans of the dedicated efforts put forth by the North American Stallion Sport Test team to ensure that there is a legitimate and respectable testing process in place for North American stallions that rises to the standard of our European counterparts. Due to the efforts of the NASST team and the dedication of stallion owners raising qualifiable stallions in North America, this testing has grown in size and quality of participants every year, with two testing locations each year (one on each coast). You can find more information about this testing, including the results of historical tests, at, or follow on Facebook @nastallionsporttest.

Warmblood Stallions of North America is a proud sponsor of the North American Stallion Sport Test, providing advertising certificates to stallions completing the test each year. It can be tough for a young, freshly-approved stallion to get visibility to mare owners in their early years. By providing these stallion owners with a leg up on their advertising budget and exposure, we work towards our mission to support the Warmblood Breeding industry in North America by supporting North American stallion owners, registries, and discerning equestrians in their quest to create and source top warmblood sporthorses here in North America.

Thank you to Jessica and Susanne for their contributions to this article! If you get the opportunity to attend the tests yourself, you will not want to miss it!

Jessica Wisdom with Galaxy Coeur, East Coast NASST Champion 2022 (PC: Stacey Lynn Photography)

View from the Saddle

Test Rider’s Perspective

By Jessica Wisdom

It is always a treat to be the test rider for the NASST. It gives me the opportunity to “preview” the new generation of stallions available fresh to North American breeders. Having done this for several years now, I’ve also learned a ton, both for the judges brought in to evaluate the stallions and from the stallions themselves as trends evolve and bloodlines mature over the generations. The current format puts the onus on the stallion owner to adequately prepare, condition and train their young stallions for the age-related requirements and expectations of the test. It is vital that both stallion owners and observers understand that the stallions are expected to perform within their discipline at the level indicated by their age regardless of current occupation or other extraneous circumstances. Though small exceptions might be made to accommodate extremely late foal dates, excessive growth, etc, on the whole, the curriculum is relatively set and stallions that struggle to perform their tests will receive lower scores regardless of pedigree and/or quality. Conversely, stallions that are fit and well prepared are more likely to have opportunities for a higher score range.

As the test rider, I can add that any stallion that is nicely light to the aids, tractable and adjustable will create better opportunity for higher rideability scores than one that is resistant to the rider. Light hearted freshness or honest startles are well tolerated as we are all horsemen and they are, after all, young horses, but dangerous outbursts or clear resistances are less forgiven and do affect the scores regardless of the quality of said stallion. Remember also that the test rider is directed to some degree by the judging panel – we, as a jury, discuss what we would like to explore in my short time on each stallion’s back; what we would like to see improved or tested or just to confirm they are as spectacular as they appear under their daily rider.

North American breeders are very fortunate to have the opportunity to present young stallions for licensing with multiple registries in one location and to be able to maintain influence over their development and presentation during the process. It is an increase in responsibility for prospective stallion owners, but allows for a more level playing field overall. I feel very fortunate to play a role in the process.

Susanne Manz with Evelina MDH (Everdale – Prado – Sandro Hit – Contender) winning her 4-year-old maiden mare class at Devon. Evelina MDH was third in the Championships and is expecting her first foal by Asgard’s Ibiza this Spring!

View from the Stands

Mare Owner’s Perspective

By Susanne Manz

I was lucky to get a ticket to the NASST held at Hilltop Farm, Inc. in Colora, Maryland on October 12-14, 2022. Tickets were scarce with only 20 spectator seats sold.  This was simply because the venue couldn’t accommodate more people.  With 18 stallions each accompanied by owners, riders, and grooms there were a lot of people there already.  There was also a slew of officials including judges, discipline experts, guest riders, vets, and registry representatives.  The event was well organized by the Hilltop team.   Full disclosure, I do have 3 horses right now living at Hilltop Farm and I love to visit the farm regularly.  It was amazing to see the transformation of the facility to accommodate 18 guest stallions in addition to the normal Hilltop stallion lineup.  There was a lot of testosterone in the main barn!  A tent was put up outside of the barn for delicious lunches for competitors and spectators.  

The NASST is a big and important event for breeders in North America.  It is nice to see it continuing with more stallions each year.   It was great to see so many quality stallions presented.  Many of them were bred and raised in NA.  Stallions came from far and wide including Florida, Kentucky, Kansas, and Canada!  It takes a great deal of time, effort, and money to present a stallion for testing.  I congratulate all the stallion owners that made such a big commitment to prepare and present their beloved stallions for testing.    

It is nice to see opportunities for stallion owners to get their stallions tested and get some good visibility.  Obviously, we don’t have the numbers of stallions seeking approval as they do in Europe.  And the great distances stallions need to travel adds difficulty and expense for stallion owners.  I hope to see the NAAST continue to grow but there will need to be some long term thought about bigger or more venues for testing.   I did not get to see the West Coast NASST in person but hope to do so someday. 

I am a firm believer that performance testing is essential for demonstrating capability, movement, rideability, heath, soundness, and longevity.  As a mare owner, I want to breed sound and healthy athletes with long-lasting careers.  So, performance tests and competition results are critical factors in the stallions that I choose for my mares.    As much as possible, I also like to observe stallions up close and in person before I use them for my mares.  I feel you can learn a lot about a stallion’s temperament and rideability by seeing them up close and in normal activities in their stall, grooming, and training.  I want to see the stallion’s legs and hooves up close and from different angles.  I like seeing stallions go through a rigorous performance test and, even better, a long-term performance career.  So, attending the NASST was a great opportunity for me.

There was quite a bit of variation in how stallions were presented.  Some stallions were presented with a high level of professionalism equal to anything seen in Europe.  Other stallions were presented by less experienced riders, and it showed in the performance of the stallions.  This is where the guest rider had a big impact on my impression of the stallion.  Both guest riders (one for dressage and one for jumping) were amazing.  In some cases, there was very little difference in the performance of the stallion under their normal rider and the guest rider.  In other cases, there was a dramatic difference.  In many cases, the stallion looked much better under the guest rider, Jessica Wisdom. 

Stallions are required to complete an age-appropriate test.  As a mare owner, I want to see the capability of the stallion to perform that test.  But it is not just about who performed the test best on that day.  I want to see how the stallion copes with the process, with stress, and the unfamiliar.  I want to see how they improve over the three days of testing and from year to year.  There were varying levels of fitness and some stallions seemed less fit and were obviously tired on the last day.  And other stallions gradually relaxed and performed best on the last day.  It was also nice to see the stallions up close and from the front and back to assess conformation, hooves, straightness.  Mare owners don’t always get to see stallion legs and hooves up close and from multiple viewpoints.

While I have respect for some of the amateur owners or less experienced riders that worked so hard to present their stallions, they were not always able to present their stallions in the best light and it reflected in their test scores.  I know it costs more for stallion owners to hire professionals, but in fairness to the stallions and their long-term attractiveness to mare owners, it is important to show them at their very best.  Preparation, fitness, and presentation do make a difference in how the stallions look and perform.  And that makes a difference to mare owners seeking a potential stallion for their mares.

One point of confusion for me was the variation amongst the different registries.   The German registries have been participating in NASST for some time.  So, the NASST complies with the rules of the German FN.  But, at the end, when we heard the scores for each stallion, it was not clear if or which registries approved each stallion.  I think some of the stallion owners were confused as well.  I heard one registry official tell a stallion owner that he had not completed an application and paid the licensing fee to that specific registry, so his stallion was not licensed with them.   Stallion owners need to pay careful attention to the rules of the individual registries from which they are seeking licensing/approval. In the past, KWPN has been a notable absence from the NASST, and it was good to see that they sent registry representatives this year.  KWPN has a different approach and licenses/approves fewer stallions each year. But I think they are hearing the voices of their members about increasing opportunities for NA-bred KWPN stallions. We will have to see how that ends up.     

It was great to watch the event and a wonderful chance to catch up with some friends and fellow mare owners. Thank you to all the stallion owners and riders for letting us see your lovely stallions. As a result, I have some new stallions on my prospective list for my mares. Thanks to all the NASST organizers and officials for making this a successful event.  And thanks to Hilltop Farm for hosting and making the event possible. I hope that other mare owners get to attend future tests. 

American Hanoverian Society AGM & Awards Banquet

After a few years of virtual meetings, the American Hanoverian Society (AHS) is excited to announce their 2023 Annual General Membership (AGM) Meeting and Awards Banquet in-person in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida!

Location: Embassy Suites, West Palm Beach, FL
Date: January 20 – 22, 2023
Registration Deadline: January 10, 2023

AHS AGM Meeting, Awards Banquet, & Silent Auction

With in-person seminars and networking events throughout the weekend, AHS members and non-members will experience a weekend of connections, education, and entertainment with a community of breeders, competitors, trainers, and enthusiasts of Hanoverian, Rhineland, and Warmblood horses.

On Friday night, celebrate Hanoverian and Rhineland rider, breeder, and equine achievements at the Awards Banquet and Silent Auction. Saturday is jam-packed with educational seminars from leading industry experts on topics ranging from conformation to bloodlines and trainability to marketing, complete with a tour of Helgstrand and ending with Saturday Night Lights at Wellington International. You will also be treated to a presentation from guest speaker Wilken Treu, Managing Director Hanoverian Verband. Sunday concludes this amazing weekend with guest speaker Maren Schlender, Deputy Breeding Manager – Hanoverian Breeding International, the AHS General Membership Meeting, and closing remarks from your AHS leadership.

Can’t make the whole weekend? This year, AHS is offering a variety of registration options to fit your schedule and needs. To review your options or complete your registration, follow this link: AGM Registration Form.

AHS has secured block pricing at the Embassy Suites – West Palm Beach. Be sure to sign up soon to snag your discounted hotel reservation! Link to block pricing can be accessed here. Block pricing is good through December 28, 2023…so don’t miss your chance!

Sponsorship and vendor exhibition is available! There will be tables for promotional materials and space for exhibition of products and marketing materials. Contact Janice at to sign up!

AHS AGM Meeting Agenda

The AHS Welcoming Party will begin greeting AGM attendees at the registration desk on Friday, January 20, starting at noon. See complete agenda (with download link) below:

AHS Awards Banquet & Silent Auction

All year long, breeders and competitors work hard to showcase their efforts in the show ring and on the inspection tour, earning valuable scores and points towards year end awards. At the AHS Awards Banquet, the top five places in each category will be announced and presented with their AHS loot, including ribbons, plaques, coolers, and other registry swag. This year’s Awards Banquet is kicked off by keynote speaker JJ Tate of Team Tate Dressage.

Silent Auction proceeds will go towards offsetting expenses for the Annual General Membership meeting, the continuation of the popular educational podcast series, and expansion of the robust AHS awards program.

Attend to receive your own prizes, or come to celebrate your fellow AHS community members. This is a fun and engaging event you will not want to miss!

KWPN-NA 2022 Keuring Tour Results, 2023 Annual General Meeting, and Important Deadlines

2023 marks the 40th Anniversary of KWPN-NA.
Join the celebration at the 2023 KWPN-NA Annual General Meeting!

If you are a member of the registry (or wish to become one), be sure to mark your calendars for March 9-11, 2023 at Sonnenberg Farm in Sherwood, Oregon. More information will be forthcoming from the registry, so in the meantime, you can get caught up on the 2022 year end Keuring Tour results and other important news by visiting the following links. Bookmark the link below for quick access to KWPN-NA news: 

Sponsorship Opportunity!

If you are interested in sponsoring the KWPN-NA Annual General Meeting this year, you can be sure that there will be lots of extra advertising and promotion in line with this major milestone.

Click here for more information and to sign up as a sponsor!

2022 KWPN-NA Keuring Tour Results

Learn more about the Keuring Top 10’s here, where you will also find information about the North American Champions for each Keuring class. This will undoubtedly help you in your research as you think long and hard about your breeding choices for next year! 

KWPN-NA Stallion Directory

Last but certainly not least, follow the link here to access the complete list of licensed and activated KWPN-NA stallions. As time draws near, be on the lookout for the annual Stallion Service Auction! This popular auction is a great way to get signed up for many of the popular and top-producing stallions, while also supporting registry initiatives, such as membership support, performance awards, Keuring tour, and educational events.  

For KWPN-NA Stallion Owners:

The stallion activations for 2023 need to get sent in as soon as possible, especially if you want your stallion to be advertised in the 2023 Handbook. Follow the links below for activation information and forms:

Three Days of World-Class Education with the American Hanoverian Society: Dressage at Devon

We at and Warmblood Stallions of North America believe in giving back to the North American warmblood breeding industry through sponsorship of key North American breeding exhibitions, including the prestigious Dressage at Devon. This year, we sponsored the Born in the USA awards at Devon, but were unable to attend the show ourselves. We are thankful to members of the American Hanoverian Society for attending on our behalf, and BethAnne Bort for providing us with this complete synopsis of their three day breeding seminar on-site at Devon, a wonderful educational opportunity for breeders at one of the most iconic venues in North America. We truly love seeing North American warmblood registries put on such supportive and educational events for their members and the broader breeding industry!

Written by BethAnne Bort

AHS Swag Bag Content

The American Hanoverian Society is known for outstanding educational opportunities, and the 2022 Hanoverian Breed Seminar at Dressage at Devon, hosted by the AHS Education Committee, was another great opportunity to provide North American breeders and enthusiasts with top instruction and comradery! The course was taught by Dr. Ludwig Christmann, the former Director of International Affairs, Development, and Education at the Hanoverian Verband in Germany.  Dr. Christmann is recognized as a global expert on the Hanoverian breed, an experienced mare and foal inspection judge, and is a former judge at Dressage at Devon.

A welcome dinner at the host hotel kicked off the breed seminar with almost 40 lucky participants and a strong team of organizers and volunteers. It was wonderful to hear the excitement and joy as friends reconnected and there was a definite air of enthusiasm and delight over new connections being made.  Adding to the excitement was the Eurequine swag bags, which included an amazing vest donated by our sponsor, Schneider’s, with embroidered AHS, ARS, and sponsor logos!  There was also literature about the Breeder’s Choice iSperm instrument and ABT 360 Embryo Transfer medias, a dressage horse key chain from Mary’s Tack, some cool Hanoverian and Platinum Performance stickers, a Eurequine notepad set, a colorful and thorough 2022 Hilltop Farm Stallion book, and a number of farm and stallion handouts. We were also so thankful for the Warmblood Stallions of North America for donating DAD tickets and parking passes!

AHS Mare Wine Gift
Jessica Stallings & Lee Farino modeling Schneider’s Vests with sponsor logos

After social time and dinner, Dr. Christmann presented on “Hanoverian Horse History and Breeding Aims”, including an intriguing geographical history of the Hanoverian breed and other European warmblood breeds.

As a special treat, all attendees received a bottle of wine labeled with a custom AHS MARE WINE label, a must-have for breeders during stallion selection or foal watch!  Or, as we found out, a great wine to drink while going through our swag bags again later in the evening!

AHS Hanoverian Breed Seminar: Day 1

Day 1 at Dressage at Devon was scheduled for discussions, exhibitions, and clinics while the show prepared for horses to start arriving.  Dr. Christmann lectured on Hanoverian conformation ideals and the theory of judging horses.  The difference between Individual Breed Classes (“IBC”) and Materiale judging was particularly interesting and a helpful insight for participants.

There was a conformation clinic with three lovely demo mares provided by Kris Schuler (Sonata EMF by Sir Gregory x Bugatti), Paula Byrum (Sundancer BHF by Sternlicht x Renaissance) and Maurine Swanson (Fherrari by Foundation x Royal Prince, pictured below).  Breed Seminar participants evaluated the mares against USDF and AHS standards with Dr. Christmann’s expert guidance, using score sheets that highlighted the weighted values and the slight differences between standards and objectives.  Understanding the differences in how scores are assigned is critical, and to analyze three different types of mares as a group, each mare with their strengths in different areas, was a real treat.

Rebecca Arnold handling Maurine Swanson’s homebred mare Fherrari (Foundation x Royal Prince)
Photo Credit: BethAnne Bort

A handler’s clinic was expertly presented by Rebecca Arnold, who owns Singletree Farm in Southwest, Virginia.  Becca discussed the techniques and skills needed to present each horse to their best abilities.  Of note was Becca’s recommendation for breeders to teach their foals to stand still with the handler in front of them.  This stance is often used for things like vet and farrier work, which may cause some foals to associate that handling technique with tension. Practicing this standing technique will get the foals confident in the handler in front of them – and hopefully standing still also!   As an accomplished breeder herself, Becca encouraged the group to have confidence in handling their horses and to consider learning opportunities where they can handle or support showing activities themselves. Becca’s energy and passion was infectious, and members walked away from the session feeling empowered, appreciated, and indebted to the role our professional handlers hold in our industry.

Hygain equine nutrition class with goodies and handouts

Hygain presented on their equine nutrition, and they sponsored one month of free grain for the first 30 participants, including a custom feeding strategy developed with their equine nutritionists.  There are a few ways to a breeder’s heart, and free grain is definitely one of them! The presentation discussed the nutritional needs of broodmares, young horses, and performance horses, including ways to reduce OCD and maintain optimum weight with balanced feed and forage strategies. The breed seminar participants were thrilled to learn that Hygain is releasing Broodmare and Foal/Young Horse feeds at the end of October!  Many thanks to Hygain Equine Nutritionist Alexis Lorenz and Account Manager Whitney Fernandes for fielding all our questions!

There was an excellent photography class led by Stacey Wendkos that focused on techniques and camera settings for both conformation and action pictures.  The discussions for optimizing pictures of black horses and indoor lighting situations were extremely helpful!  Let’s face it, we have all struggled with these situations!

Our group dinner at the historical Black Powder Tavern was a huge hit, with everybody selecting raffle prizes and enjoying a fun end to an action-packed day.

AHS Hanoverian Breed Seminar: Day 2

Frida Kahlo QC (Franklin x Rosentanz) bred by Quantico Sporthorses, pictured at Dressage at Devon
Photo credit: Emma Miller/Phelps Media Group

The AHS Breed Seminar had an exciting lineup for Day 2!  The breed seminar participants had the honor of watching breed classes while Dr. Christmann provided his own scores and evaluations for each horse in the ring, focusing on conformation and his impression of movement, range of motion, and more.  At times, members were spread out around the ring, but with earbuds in place, we were all connected to Dr. Christmann and were building our expertise and understanding throughout the day.  There was particular excitement during the Hanoverian IBC class, which was won by an exceptional 2 yo filly Frida Kahlo QC (Franklin x Rosentanz) bred, owned, and shown by Quantico Sporthorses, with an outstanding score of 85.95%.  This Hanoverian filly went on to win the Two-Year-Old Fillies class, was DAD Champion Filly, and Reserve Champion Young Horse!

Class lecture of D and F lines

Following the excitement in the ring, the AHS Breed Seminar group did a deep dive with Dr. Christman on the popular D and F lines, then spent time discussing impactful sires such as Sandro Hit and Vivaldi (including their best crosses and promising sons).  This was followed by a fantastic Happy Hour Trainer Forum with trainers Jim Koford, Lauren Chumley, Michael Bragdell, and Jocelyn Kraenzle. The group had so much fun talking with the trainers, with focus on bloodlines (including the typical ride and temperament types of different bloodlines) and their ideal horse characteristics.  The trainers were well aware of the bloodlines in their barn, and they all agreed that their customer base overwhelmingly needed horses with good characters and trainability. 

AHS Hanoverian Breed Seminar: Day 3

Dr. Christmann evaluating horses with the class listening through headphones and airpods

Day 3 focused on judging the age group and Materiale classes (with Dr. Christmann in our ear), watching the breed division Grand Champion Awards, and watching the Born in the USA Awards.  There was a Q&A with American Judge Sue Mandas, who provided additional context to Materiale judging and evolution of the class.  Towards the end of the day, the breed seminar enjoyed a group vendor tour, with many vendors providing breed seminar attendees a sizeable discount!  The custom boot options were particularly amazing!

Throughout the seminar, the Devon Club provided outstanding lunch and happy hour catering services. The group was especially excited to see our own breed seminar members showing and the cheering section was extra loud for “our” entries! 

The AHS Breed Seminar was generously sponsored by an all-star lineup that recognizes the impact of North American breeders and the American Hanoverian Society/American Rhineland Society! 

  • Schneiders – Industry-leading in horsewear and product innovation.
  • HyGain – A leading equine feed and supplement company with an extensive high Performance, Equestrian, Stud and Supplement product range.
  • Signature Sporthorses – Located in Sunbury, NC, breeding exceptional Hanoverian and Rhineland sporthorses for over 20 years.
  • Eurequine – Standing top stallions available for breeding in North America, ranging from Olympians to Grand Prix superstars with Grand Prix and Olympic offspring of their own.
  • Breeder’s Choice – Your source for high quality breeding equipment and supplies for the equine industry.
  • Havens Horse Feed USA – Quality feeds designed for high performance, dressage, show jumping, endurance, breeding and leisure horses.
  • Platinum Performance – Providing veterinarian-developed supplements that support every aspect of horse health and performance.
  • Glacier Ridge Farm – Located just south of Seattle, WA, breeding the finest dressage and jumping athletes with the best temperaments and expressive movement for ambitious riders.

Many thanks to the American Hanoverian Society, the AHS Education Committee, and all the AHS staff, volunteers, sponsors, and donors that made this AHS Breed Seminar so successful.  The food was great (including lots of mimosas, wine, coffee, and desserts), the agenda was well planned, and the education was top class.  We all left the seminar with a greater understanding of conformation impact on movement, foal and young horse evaluation, stallion ideas for the future, and an expanded network of breeders, trainers, owners, and friends.    

Author BethAnne Bort is a dressage and hunter breeder based out of North Carolina.  BethAnne has completed the Hanoverian Verband Breed Course in Germany with world renowned expert, Dr. Ludwig Christmann, and is a member of the American Hanoverian Society Fundraising and Stallion Auction Committee.  BethAnne also authors the series “Breaking Down the Breeding – Maclay Edition” for The Plaid Horse.

KWPN-NA Stallion Offspring Futurities

Exciting news from the KWPN-NA! For the first time ever, the KWPN-NA is offering Stallion Offspring Futurities as a part of their 2022 Keuring Tour, complete with prize money! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your foal or yearling, and gain valuable experience for yourself and your young horses in an educational format. Thanks to the highly successful 2022 Stallion Service Auction, $10,000 has been allotted to support this futurity program.

Way to go, KWPN-NA, in supporting breeders, owners, and stallion owners through this fun, competitive, and educational program!

For more information, follow the link below to the KWPN-NA’s official page:

The KWPN-NA Online Silent Auction Has Started!

Many terrific items are available for bidding, including breedings to several KWPN stallions, farm tours to exceptional facilities, dressage lessons, feed, clothing and tack, and much more – even a stallion advertising package on!

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SAVE THE DATE! Dressage at Devon Returns Sept. 27–Oct. 2, 2022

Devon, Pa. – April 4, 2022 – The highly anticipated annual Dressage at Devon festival will be returning September 27th and running through October 2nd, 2022 at the historic Devon show grounds. A USEF Heritage Competition, DAD will welcome back world-class international dressage competitors to the prestigious performance divisions and the largest open breed show in the world. Dressage at Devon also offers some of the best shopping available at any equestrian event, unparalleled opportunities to connect with other dressage enthusiasts and build brand relationships, and attend spectator and exhibitor parties in a magical setting. Tickets will be available for purchase starting June 1, 2022.

Since its inception in 1975, Dressage at Devon has been hallmarked by its high-level competition, can’t-miss special events, and indescribable atmosphere that is unlike anything else found in North America. As an organization that prides itself on bridging its traditional roots with a modern competition experience, Dressage at Devon is excited to be introducing new events while still representing the time-tested, iconic horse show that has been a bucket-list experience for dressage riders around the country and world for decades. 

Among these exciting new events, Dressage at Devon is proud to host Olympic silver medalist Sabine Schut-Kery for an exclusive masterclass on Thursday night in the Dixon Oval. The masterclass will feature a variety of horses and riders of different ages and levels, making this educational opportunity a must-see.

As always, Dressage at Devon offers competitors of all levels the chance to experience national and international-caliber competition in a wide array of classes. Dressage at Devon hosts the CDI-W, CDI-3, CDI-1, CDIY, CDIJ, CDICh, CDIP, CDI-U25, and CDIAm, as well as the USEF/USDF National Show with Performance and Breeding Divisions. The event will serve as a qualifying event for the 2023 FEI World Cup Dressage Finals in Omaha.

Dressage at Devon will also be welcoming back its crowd-favorite competitor party, this time boasting a Roaring 20’s theme, Ladies Hat Day, the Fall Festival, Kid’s Dressage Explorers Day on Sunday, and much more. As part of the Sport Horse Breed Show, Wednesday afternoon will feature “Shopping in the USA,” showcasing young sport horses that are available for purchase.

Have you ever wondered about volunteering? Make this your year! Volunteers help in a wide variety of jobs, many requiring no “horsey” experience, others right down near the action! Visit our website and click the link for volunteers on the top banner. It’s a great group of people and a wonderful experience. Not able to volunteer, or want to double your impact? Consider a donation, or if you or someone you know has a business and would like to consider sponsorship/donating, we’d love to hear from you!

The DAD team is thrilled to welcome the athletes and audiences back to the Mainline, and looks forward to another unforgettable week this fall. While we are hard at work on our new website, stay tuned via email for updates regarding this year’s event.

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2022 Vendor Information

For sponsorship and vendor inquiries, please contact Lisa Davis Engel at or (908) 310-6248.

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Now is the time to donate to the KWPN-NA Online Silent Auction, which will launch on April 22 and run through May 1. And shoppers – mark your calendars! Great opportunities and items have already been donated!

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Kristen VanderVeen and Bull Run’s Jireh Capture the CSI1* Classic Champions Grand Prix at Live Oak International 

Kristen VanderVeen and Bull Run’s Jireh
Capture the CSI1* Classic Champions
Grand Prix at Live Oak International

Adrienne Sternlicht’s Mount
Calisto Blanc Receives Classic Champions
Award of Distinction

Kristen VanderVeen and Bull Run’s Jireh. Photo by Erin Gilmore Photography

OCALA- Fla.– March 7, 2022 – Kristen VanderVeen (USA) and Bull Run’s Jireh earned the victory gallop in the CSI1* Classic Champions Grand Prix,on Oct. 5 at Live Oak International. The CSI1* division was a new addition to the 2022 schedule at the esteemed driving and show jumping event, offering more riders and horses the opportunity to compete in the world-class arena. The division was sponsored by Classic Champions, a nonprofit dedicated to the development and education of young jumpers. The celebrated FEI 4* course designer, Olaf Peterson Jr., set the track.

No stranger to the podium, VanderVeen piloted a new mount from her impressive string, Bull Run’s Jireh (Uriko x Conella – Colman), an 8-year-old bay Holsteiner gelding. During the previous day’s CSI1* Classic Champions Welcome, the pair earned fourth place with a great round among formidable opponents. VanderVeen skillfully used Bull Run’s Jireh’s giant stride and rideability to her advantage to capture the win of the CSI1* $5,000 Classic Champions Grand Prix.

“Bull Run’s Jireh is a new horse that I have only had for a month or so, and I have only done two shows before this,” said VanderVeen, who bases her Bull Run Jumpers out of Wellington, Florida. “With the atmosphere here at Live Oak International, I was really pleased with how he responded today.”

Kristen VanderVeen gives the thumbs up aboard Bull Run’s Jireh during the award presentation with Juliet Reid and Classic Champion’s Cynthia Hampton. Photo by Erin Gilmore Photography

The second-place finishers in the CSI1* Classic Champions Welcome, Lawson Whitaker and her own Brownies and Cream (Quintero x Vanilla G – Con Air 7), a 13-year-old Holsteiner mare, duplicated their placing, earning a second red ribbon. Brooke Kemper, who won the Welcome aboard Rocket J Squirrel, was third with her other mount Eton (Clinton x Nircolanda – Opstalon’s Ircolando), a 13-year-old KWPN gelding owned by Mary Meghann Huitt.
Cynthia Hampton (Wellington, Florida), the founder of Classic Champions, presented the Award of Distinction to Adrienne Sternlicht’s mount, Calisto Blanc (Cantolar x Cartirell – Cartogran), an 8-year-old grey Oldenburg gelding owned by Starlight Farms 1 LLC, The Classic Champions Award of Distinction is presented to the jumper selected by the judges to have demonstrated the quality of gaits, rideability, scope and potential to excel on the international stage over the two days of the Classic Champions CSI1* division at Live Oak International.

Calisto Blanc, ridden by Adrienne Sternlicht, earned the Classic Champions Award of Distinction. Photo by Erin Gilmore Photography


Erin Gilmore Photography


Classic Champions Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 with the goal of implementing age-appropriate practices for the development of young jumper horses in North America. Classic Champions offers consulting, young jumper events and education designed specifically for 4-8-year-old horses to gain confidence and be competitive both in the United States and on the international stage.

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