Stallion Owner Spotlight: Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses, Inc.

Welcome back for the next installment of our North American Stallion Owner Spotlight! We’re here to help breeders, buyers, mare owners, and equestrians alike get a behind-the-scenes look into the WSNA stallion owners. Better knowing and understanding the passions and backgrounds of our stallion owners helps breeders and owners, regardless of size or skill, better connect and get more involved with our ever-growing North American warmblood industry.

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses, Inc. got its official start nearly a decade ago; however, owner and founder Ryan Pedigo kicked off his equestrian career long before that time. Now, Ryan’s operation produces 20 – 25 foals a year, some of which have been planned years in advance, and actively stands eight stallions for the 2023 breeding season. Read on to the end to find links to his standing stallions where you can learn more about each stallion and inquire for your 2023 breeding contract!

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses, Inc.

owner of ryan pedigo sport horses
Founder and owner of Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses and one of his homebred mares, Wymsey.
young ryan pedigo
A young Ryan Pedigo on one of his grandparent’s horses, a quarter horse named Luke. Ryan started his equestrian competition career at a young age!

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses may have only been officially founded in 2014, however, Ryan’s excitement for horses and equestrian life started long before that, at the ripe age of five years old. “My love and passion began very early in my life. My grandparents owned a farm in Bend, Oregon, where they bred and raised Trakehner sport horses. From 5 to 13 years old, I spent every summer with my grandmother on her farm. She taught me a lot about horses, horsemanship skills, and how to foal out a mare. When I was 14 years old, I went to live with my grandparents and my dad on their farm full-time, which is when I learned more about foaling/breeding, and when I began my official horse showing career.” 

Ryan says that this was one of the most influential periods of his life, and at just 16 years old, he returned to southern California, where he began his showing and training career under the watchful and experienced eye of renowned hunter rider and trainer Ron Kennedy. This mentor relationship soon turned into a successful training business partnership, with Ryan starting his own separate breeding program, then known as Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians. His partnership with Kennedy ended in 2014, at which point Ryan headed back north, to Riverside, California, where his breeding program and business evolved to become Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses, Inc., the established and well-known operation it is today. 

The Ryan Pedigo Sport Horse Influence – The Influences Behind the Name

ryan pedigo on Timmy
Every successful breeder’s dreams start with a pony! Pictured here is Ryan on Timmy, the pony.

The Pedigo name is associated not only with success in the show ring, but with quality North American stallions and broodstock as well. Every breeder has that one horse that really helped propel their passion into greater ambition. For Ryan, it was his grandparents’ Trakehner Stallion Adler. His grandparents purchased Adler from NATA director Frank LaSelle in 1980. “When I was 6 years old, I remember my grandmother taking me to Griffith Park in Los Angeles to watch Adler show under dressage rider Gwen Stockabran. I remember Adler winning many classes, and I remember my grandmother interacting with other breeders looking to breed to him. I remember thinking someday I want to own a stallion just like Adler, he was such a kind stallion. He produced very good sport horses, and later during my time on my grandma’s farms, I had many special memories about Adler, especially the one when my grandmother allowed me to ride him.”

The first Pedigo Sport Horse cross was a very special bloodline, one that is still present in Ryan’s breeding program. He tells us “The pairing was to a phenomenal hunter who I started and campaigned successfully over 15 years, Wolfe. This special horse earned over 300 show championships and cultivated tens of thousands of wins, breed awards, zone championships, USEF, and USHJA Awards. Six months after this special hunter arrived at my barn, I began buying related breeding stock from this breeder and importing them to my program in California. This first breeding cross I made, which is still one of my active creations to this day, was sired by my Hanoverian foundation hunter sire Sam Steele by sire Sherlock Holmes, and the crossed mare line sire Wellesley / by sire World Cup IV x Match X x Feiner Stern x Trapper.”

What does Ryan have to say about the industry?

Ryan’s dedication to the North American warmblood industry is obvious. He supports North American, and International registries alike, as he believes they have all helped develop and evolve, and continue to contribute to the growth and progress seen in the sport horse world. When it comes to being a stallion owner, the job obviously has its challenges and rewards.

North American warmblood breeder
As a North American warmblood breeder, Ryan has bred, raised, and shown numerous horses foaled at his Riverside property by his own stallions and out of his own broodmares. Here he is with one of his homebred offspring, Song Bird.

When asked what some of his biggest challenges as a stallion owner are, Ryan has this to say: “As a stallion owner, I feel it’s our role to be extremely supportive and understanding of the mare owners, their questions, and concerns. In many cases, before the mare owner knows what their concerns are, I feel that it’s my role to think ahead to be as proactive as possible through the breeding process. The biggest challenge may be to understand what the mare owner’s past experience has been with breeding the subject mare(s), typically, this is best for the stallion owner to understand and in making the mare owner comfortable with the process.” 

Of course, the rewards of promoting, competing, and standing quality North American stallions are why stallion owners do what they do. “The most rewarding part of being a stallion owner is the pride I take in my stallions, I love them, and I have unshakable confidence in my stallion’s quality, performance in sport, and in breeding. Many of my stallions have already had long successful careers in show jumping divisions in Europe, although my two youngest, PF’s Comme il la Fait and PF’s Galant du Mesnil had two years of campaigning prior to importing to the US. It’s very rewarding hearing from happy mare owners, receiving foal announcements and horse show results, and meeting my personal breeding program’s yearly goals. My stallions have earned their accolades and I am always very proud of them. This is what it’s all about for me.”

ryan petigo sport horses foal creylen
Creylen, a Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses foal from his breeding program.

Every breeding program looks to their favorite, most desired bloodlines and types for conformation, temperament, and success, whether in sport or offspring with careers in the show ring. Ryan says that some of his favorite bloodlines are those that are already strong in his own breeding program. By selecting bloodlines that showcase Olympic and International veterans, World Cup showjumping members, and other successful sport horses, he seeks out older, more established bloodlines as well as the new up-and-comers. “The combination of the old and new modernizes the pedigrees as a whole for both my stallion and broodmare selections.”

Ryan lists Diarado, Diamant de Semilly, Chacco Blue, Colman, Calido, Caletto I, Connor, Singulord Joter, Acodetto, Cornet Obolensky, Baloubet du Rouet, Udarco Van Overis, Calypso II, Comme il Faut, Cassini I, Contender, Uriko, Million Dollar, Quick Star, Hermantico, Tygo, Cabardino, Rio Grande, Viva Voltaire, Futurist, Sam Steele, Wellesley, and Merlin, to name just a few of the bloodlines that he feels are incredibly important to his breeding program and to the overall North American warmblood industry.

north american warmblood stallion owner
North American warmblood stallion owner and founder Ryan Pedigo, riding and showing one of his homebred offspring, Senator.

How does Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses choose its mares and stallions for its program?

When choosing a stallion prospect, Ryan walked us through his requirements and the most important factors he considers.

“I have certain bloodlines in mind to cross with my mare band, my breeding program has been built around their lineage. It’s important that the stallion I choose to be crossed with my mare is fitting to each breeding season’s goals for each specific stallion/mare cross, this includes looking ahead 10 years in my breeding program. When considering a stallion prospect two years and younger, pedigree is very important, evaluate movement, athletic ability, confirm correctness, confirm good feet, a compact build for my bloodline, the ability to evaluate the sire and dams’ performance, any half or full siblings to get an idea of how I can expect this youngster to develop, a detailed pre-purchase exam.

For a stallion prospect three years and older, pedigree and pre-licensing results are important, evaluate free movement, free jumping, working under saddle, confirm good feet, a compact build for my bloodline, the ability to evaluate both the sire and dams’ performance, any half or full siblings to anticipate the continued development of this stallion prospect. It’s important to me that the stallions have good temperaments, granted they are stallions, but they should have decent manners.”

mare and stallion prospects
Ryan pays special attention to the dam’s line when he chooses both mare and stallion prospects. Pictured here is one of his program’s special mares, Balina.

Ryan’s checklist for broodmares has a few different requirements and an important perspective on dam lines and pedigree. “I have certain goals with specific bloodlines for my breeding program that I am looking for in a mare’s pedigree. With a stallion, the dam’s portion of the pedigree holds much more importance in my decision-making process – the sire’s as well, but the dam’s presence is much more significant to me. For a broodmare prospect two years and younger, I evaluate the mare’s movement, and athletic ability, confirm correctness, confirm good feet, more of a compact build is preferred, and the ability to evaluate full and half-siblings to see how they have developed so I know how to anticipate the mare’s development. Gathering information through a pre-purchase exam is important to me, as I need to know what issues the mare has, if any. It’s my responsibility to know what I am allowing into my breeding program. “

When considering a mare three years old and up, I expect to see this mare’s movement, to free jump, work under saddle, confirm correctness, confirm good feet, more of a compact build is preferred, the ability to evaluate full and half-siblings, if not possible to evaluate the dam’s sibling’s offspring to see how they have developed, my mares must have a good temperament as their traits are passed onto their offspring, good and bad.” Ryan’s commitment to his breeding program can be seen in his sire’s offspring, not just in the breeding barn but in the show ring as well. 

ryan pedigo sport horses broodmares
Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses’ broodmares are carefully selected or retained by using a strict set of program parameters. Certain bloodlines, willingness, conformation and other factors all come into play when selecting the perfect broodstock. Pictured here is Crystaline.

Ryan Pedigo as a Stallion Owner and Equestrian

hunter jumper circuits
With plenty of ribbons under his belt, Ryan continues to show and train. With a nice list of clients training and competing, he’s still very active in the hunter/jumper circuits.

His love for horses has always been a constant in his life, ever since meeting his grandparent’s horses at just one year old. He says his love and dedication to his horses has had an incredibly positive impact on his life. “My homebreds have brought many special people together, into my life, and lifelong friendships into my life. My horses have brought so much joy to my life, they have both humbled me and brought me much success keeping me reaching to be a better horseman, breeder, rider, and human. I owe them so much.” Ryan is still riding and competing, and his training business is still going strong. With over 27 years riding in the hunter/jumper ring, and over 200 horses started under his belt, Ryan continues to compete and coach. “I love to teach. There is much reward in connecting the horse and rider through the training process.”

diamo blue colt
When foaling season comes around, seeing the product of years of planning take bloom is one of the best feelings! Pictured here is Dolce, a Diamo Blue colt bred by Ryan.
stallion owner
Being a stallion owner and breeder has its challenges and rewards. For Ryan, watching his stallion’s offspring, and the foals he produces on his farm grow and succeed is just one of the great things about being in the industry.

As all North American breeders know, each stallion owner differs not only in the variety of bloodlines and conformational types of horses they stand, breed for, and compete but also in their program goals, operational policies, and day-to-day management. When asked what sets Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses apart from other breeders, Ryan said this: “What I feel sets me apart from other stallion owners is my personal goals and vision for my breeding program, that they are my own goals. I feel that all breeders deserve recognition. For me, many of my stallion bands’ lineage is the only of its kind in the US at this time. My continued vision is to continually evolve my breeding program/bloodlines ahead of time, the focus being 10 to 20 years out from today. These are decisions that I am making, and I am not competitive with other breeders. My only and number one goal is to continue developing my breeding program/bloodline to produce top sport horses and stand my stallions to outside breeders. I feel that it’s a very possible goal of mine to produce future Olympic horses from the bloodlines that I have so carefully selected for my program.”

One of Ryan’s favorite horse-related memories includes his first stallion, Sam Steele. “One of my favorite memories from my past was the first time that I saw my first Hanoverian Stallion, Sam Steele, for the first time while I was visiting the breeding farm where I had purchased him. The seller had asked if I would like to see Sam Steele jump around the course that they had set up in the indoor arena, of course, I said yes. This sealed the deal with my purchase of Sam Steele as I saw him jump a 4-foot course on a loose rein effortlessly – a very special memory.”

Ryan has one final piece of advice for new breeders: The piece of advice that I would like to give new breeders is that the mares/dams play such great importance in the breeding process, buying or leasing the best quality mare you can find I feel is a very important piece of the breeding top stock.

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses Testimonials:

“My name is Miss Linny J..I was recommended to Ryan by W Charlot Farms. Such generosity! Ryan was a lifesaver; I made a very bad decision buying a mare on my own off of a social media site. The mare was a disaster!! When I spoke to Ryan over the phone.. I knew I was in good hands, so knowledgeable and comforting, my mare was not breedable! This was not Ryan’s issue to fix.. but he did he found me a quality mare to breed with one of his wonderful stallions. I now have the most gorgeous Diamo filly I am in love! My original mare is retired now where she belongs – I don’t know what I would have done without Ryan’s support and guidance!!”

– Linny J

“We are Kelly and Jay. We have been showing horses for 25 years now. We met Ryan at the Capital Challenge Horse Show many years ago now, and we were very impressed with him as a rider and horseman. Following the show, we moved all five of our Dutch mares to Ryan for training, he has assisted us thru successfully breeding our mares to his Diamo Blue by ET. Now coming three years old, the four Diamo fillies are heading to the show ring this season. We have high hopes for them!! We can’t say enough good things about Ryan.. his businesses, from training to breeding, to my riding, we could never be anywhere else.”

– Kelly and Jay

“We are the Miller Family. Our family knows that every time we go to visit Ryan that we leave with at least one new horse, and recently breeding’s to Ryan European Imported Stallions. We have never met such an outstanding person as Ryan, with such vast knowledge, kindness, and patience!! We have never felt pressured but only supported! Now we are the proud buyers of 10 young prospects, we have never experienced a US breeding program like Ryan’s, what a hard worker he is, a stand apart and a class act business he operates. Between our young prospect(s) to our purchased breedings, we are the proud owners of 20 Ryan Pedigo Bred Horses. We are proud to be a part of the PF band!”

– The Miller Family!

“What a website! My daughter and I own and operate an advertising company on the east coast – we fancy ourselves as well-educated amateur riders! We have never come across such a classy well-done website with such accessibility to such detailed information. This is a US Sport Horse Legacy! And the story is presented beautifully! We consider Ryan a dear friend and trust him with unlimited confidence!! Ryan helped my daughter and I select four mares for our small east coast private breeding program. Now we have eight Diamo Blue offspring, Scott Stewart is eager to show these quality youngster’s in the hunter breeding classes this show season. Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses is highly recommended!”

Beth and Kera

“Ryan taught me an important life lesson. Bad experience after bad experience in breeding made me feel that brute force was the only solution to getting my mare bred! Throwing good money after bad. I came across Ryan’s website. I thought this must be located in Germany I had never seen such a large quality breeding program in the US! This is when it began.. Ryan’s thoughtful approach to my demands stopped to make me think about my approach with him and others I knew Ryan was my guy at this point now, seven years later and six breeding seasons.. putting into words how professional and the upstanding person Ryan is …  He is the best!! What a special individual and professional he is!! He runs a tight ship!! Check Ryan’s breeding program out!”


“Hello, my name is Kathy Maie Bailey. Well, the breeding process is not for the faint of heart. My family has been breeding Hanoverians for over 20 years, and we have had many losses over the years. We met Ryan at a horse where I was showing my adult armature hunter, my husband and I watched Ryan from a distance ride his homebreds to win after win, interacting with his clients who won many classes on Ryan’s homebreds. We could not resist walking up to meet him at this point HE is the most down-to-earth, knowledgeable, classy individual. The rest is history now we have been his training and breeding client for over 10 years now, from training, breeding, to horsemanship Ryan is a very talented individual. We could not be happier and are expecting our fifth Diamo foal this year this making eight Diamo Blue foals that we bred thru Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses, Ryan has made this a very successful business for my husband and me.”

– Kathy Bailey

“I came across Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses’ website last summer, becoming obsessed with making a visit to see this program and to meet its creator and owner, Ryan Pedigo. To say I had a good experience is an understatement! I was blown away by the magnitude of this sport horse breeding operation! Ryan’s newly imported stallions had just arrived absolutely impressive and kept racing thru my thoughts Ryan kindly spent much time showing me his horses and understanding my mare and my goals for the to-come offspring. Ryan spoke in detail about other very successful US stallion owners, Edgar, Maggie, Rhonda, and Meg. I was impressed with his commitment to meeting my goals and not just selling me a breeding. I left with a broodmare in foal to Diamo Blue, two young prospects, and I have been back to breed to Ryan’s stallions now three breeding seasons later!”

– Betty Williamson

“Many have lived thru this same terror throughout this business! My heart was shattered into a million pieces, but this baggage was not Ryan’s. But he took it on .. my experience with Ryan was life-changing for me! My mare had just given birth to a stillborn Diamo Blue foal who I bred in Canada I was devastated. I called Ryan to see about breeding my champion mare back to Diamo, Ryan told me .. you know I feel your pain .. that breeding horses is very tough when situations like this take place to try to be in a space to understand that although this was a very unfair situation .. there is a reason why this beautiful foal did not have the opportunity of life .. there is so much we will never understand from such sad situations. Ryan then proceeded to give me one of his Diamo Blue foals from this foaling season. He touched my life and my soul now, this beautiful Diamo Blue colt is beginning his baby green hunter career with Peter my hunter trainer. Ryan is a special guy!”

–  Sally and Don

The Stallions of Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses, Inc.

PF’s Catch

Colman – Calido – Caletto I

PF’s Chardo

Charleston – Nerrado – Contender

PF’s Christer

Connor – Singular Joter – Acodetto

PF’s Comme il l’a Fait

Comme il Faut – Cassini I – Chamonix

PF’s Diamo Blue

Chacco Blue #1 x Diamant de Semilly # 2 WBFSH Sires

PF’s Galant du Mesnil

Cornet Obolensky – Baloubet du Rouet – Jalisco B

PF’s Ucalido

Udarco van Overis – Calido I – Calypso II

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