Do Stallion Owners Need a Website?

by Anna Goebel

A breeder has heard of your stallion, and might be interested in breeding to him – but wants to find more information. Where does she go? 

It may surprise stallion owners to learn that the stallion’s website is likely to be the first stop.

Many stallion owners today don’t have a website for their breeding business, or don’t keep their website updated – and that could be a missed opportunity. did a survey in 2014, and asked mare owners how they usually find stallions. The stallion’s own website ranked first. Facebook? Ranked 10th. Many things have changed since 2014, and Facebook is likely higher on the list today. But it’s clear that one thing hasn’t changed: having a website for your stallion is still important. 

Recently there was a discussion on Facebook about Stallion Service Auctions, inspired by the opinion piece by Kathy St. Martin on this site. One of the comments was by a volunteer who helps put together an SSA for a registry. She needed to find basic and accurate information for each stallion, and she had trouble finding it. Her comment was that Facebook pages were not much good, because that type of information was almost impossible to find. If a stallion had a website, it was easy. But she was startled to find that many stallions don’t have a website, and how much more difficult her job was if they didn’t.

If someone is looking for your stallion, your website is the first place they’re going to look. If it’s a mare owner, you might be missing out if you don’t have one. Whether you build your own with one of the many tools available, or hire someone to build a site for you, it’s an investment worth making.

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