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Pax Asgard af Pegasus and a few of his offspring

News Release from Murder Hollow, Early Spring 2022

We are excited to offer both of our Knabstrupper stallions to outside mares for the 2022 breeding season. 

Pax has a busy season and will remain in full time training and showing – as a result, we are unable to accommodate last minute mare additions and last minute semen requests. Please contact ASAP if you wish to book breedings for the 2022 season.

Pax is quickly becoming one of the most prolific sires of high quality Knabstrupper offspring in North America. Pax is incredibly versatile. Standing at 16.3 hands, he is ridden under saddle in dressage as well as driven in harness. Pax has recently begun jumping and is proving to have wonderful form and easily clears 1.20m.

In 2021, Pax competed in the Get of Sire class at the world-renowned Dressage at Devon earning a Bronze with a collective mark of 77.15 points to finish behind serial winner KWPN sire Sir Sinclair and the 7-year-old Oldenburg stallion Davos CF and beating out several traditional Warmblood stallions. This was a huge accomplishment for a rare breed and non-traditional Warmblood. You can read the Eurodressage article on his accomplishment here.

We are universally hearing praise from breeders on the outstanding type and temperament of their Pax offspring. Pax has produced several Premium foals in his first year of breeding to outside mares. He has consistently produced correct and quality type with lovely gaits and long legs.

Pax is unique to the North American Knabstrupper breeding pool. Pax is a homozygous fewspot, meaning Pax is homozygous for LP and PATN1 (LP/LP, PATN1/PATN1). Pax offers mare owners the unique ability to genetically produce leopard offspring when bred to a solid-colored mare.

You can find his breeding contract and additional information on our website:

You can learn more about our stallions on our website:

You can also learn more about Pax Asgard af Pegasus on

New and Improved Website

Our Murder Hollow website has been redesigned to include much more detailed information about our breeding program, our stallions & our mares. 

We welcome you to explore the site and give us feedback – we hope to continue to improve the website and provide as much detail to both mare owners and prospective foal owners. 

Foals in utero and Mares for Sale

Murder Hollow has a number of expected 2022 foals that are available in utero, as well as two mares (one Oldenburg and one Holsteiner).

Please visit the Murder Hollow website for details.

Pax Asgard af Pegasus

Pegasus Vom Niehaus-Hof x Ambrosius af Asgard

GUARANTEED LEOPARD PRODUCER – 16.3h Knabstrupper Stallion

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