HorseMagazine: Is Willeke Bos the Most Successful Dressage Breeder in the World?

Willeke Bos and her Premium Colt, Otazu at the recent KWPN licensing. photo by Dirk Caremans

Christopher Hector, writer and owner of, puts forward the argument that Willeke Bos might the the most successful dressage breeder in the world.

Dutch breeder Willeke Bos is not a mega breeder. She has only eight mares that she breeds. And she has only been breeding seriously since 2010. But her breeding program has produced a high percentage of stars.

The recent KWPN Stallion licensing was held behind closed doors again this year…. However, even from afar, it was impossible to miss the extraordinary feat of Dutch breeder Willeke Bos. Of the 39 colts accepted, five were bred by her, including three of the four colts awarded the premium title by the KWPN stallion licensing committee,…

—Christopher Hector,

The three premium colts are Opoque, Otazu, and One-Two-Three, and the first two are by All at Once, a stallion bred and owned by Willeke Bos herself. The article takes a deep look at the breeding of these three, and a discussion with Willeke Bos about her breeding program.

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